Our Adhesion Warranty: A Lifetime of Security and Peace of Mind

Our warranties are exclusively for the original Customer and/or owner and cannot be transferred to anyone else unless written arrangements have been made with Georgia Tough Concrete Coatings and the original Customer and/or owner.

Residential Garages: Our Lifetime Adhesion Warranty Explained

  1. If you’re the original purchaser and own the home where we’ve installed our floor coating materials, we’ll repair any peeling or delamination at no charge. This non-transferable warranty ensures that you’re covered for life. We do want to note that despite our best efforts, perfect color matching on touch-ups or repairs may not be possible due to uncontrollable factors such as dye lot changes and color settling. However, we’ll always strive to match the existing color as closely as possible.

Exclusions from Warranty: 

  1. Our warranty does not cover damage to or loss of shine caused by extended use or customer negligence. This includes but is not limited to, a lack of proper maintenance and care, exposure to harsh chemicals, use of abrasive cleaning materials or detergents, and the use of pressure washers and buffing machines.
  2. Our Warranty does not cover damage caused by external sources, abuse, negligence, or misuse. This includes scratches, impact damage, spinning tires, flames, mechanical damage to the underlying concrete, and exposure to harsh chemicals such as battery acid, brake fluid, paint stripper, industrial solvents, or similar substances. Additionally, lack of maintenance and cleaning, or repairs made by companies other than Georgia Tough Concrete Coatings, are not covered by our Warranty.
  3. Our warranty does not cover any defects in the concrete/substrate. This includes heaving, shifting, popping, settling, moisture issues, as well as geo-movement and/or structural foundation movement. While these are not the only exclusions, be aware that these items are not included in our warranty.
  4. Any alterations or modifications to goods by individuals or entities other than Georgia Tough Concrete Coatings will nullify the warranty.
  5. This warranty agreement represents the full agreement between all involved parties, and any additional agreements or warranties must be written and signed by both the original customer and Georgia Tough Concrete Coatings to be considered valid and binding.
  6. Please note that any verbal statements or assurances do not hold legal value and do not serve to adjust or amend the conditions stipulated in this warranty.


To make a claim under our warranty, please contact Georgia Tough Concrete Coatings at (770) 562-7732. Kindly retain the original sales order and receipt, as they are required to validate the claim. It is important to note that any potential warranty claim must be reported within thirty (30) days of discovery, or the claim will be deemed waived. Also, please allow up to sixty (60) days for Georgia Tough Concrete Coatings to inspect and make necessary repairs under the warranty.

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